As a huge coffee addict I love a place that not only takes time to make your coffee gorgeous but takes the time to make it taste even more amazing than it looks. I was introduced to Commonwealth less than a year ago by Ericka (my bestie and one half of and I have been OBSESSED ever since. I mean anyone who follows me on Instagram knows I have a picture of my coffee or macaroon from there on a weekly basis.

Since it’s fall now they have an AMAZING pumpkin latte and since they offer almond milk, my sensitive stomach greatly appreciates it. I thought the mocha was to die for but I’m not sure what I will do when the pumpkin season ends and that cup of love is gone.

What will be even worse?

When the pumpkin pie macaroon bids us farewell. With my dad being a chef it takes a lot to get him excited and when I got him a pumpkin pie macaroon from Commonwealth the look on his face I have never seen before. He was even more in love than I was.

With the amazing cafe treats they also offer a complete menu and below are some of my favs!


Katie’s Commonwealth picks:

Mocha with almond milk

Tandoori Chicken Salad

Tandoori Chicken Sandwich

Pumpkin Latte with almond milk

Pumpkin pie macaroon

Salted caramel macaroon

S’mores macaroon (another seasonal treat I’m dying for currently)


You can follow Commonwealth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter  or visit their website!

Commonwealth is located at 300 Hamilton Rd in Birmingham, Michigan.


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